Day 1 Training Camp: Roster Shake-up
(Bradford, ON; August 27th, 2012)
Sean Werth

The Rattlers have just completed day one of training camp and already have some announcements to make about the roster.

Despite several rumors that Brandon Falsarella had been traded within the league, Brandon will be dressing for the Rattlers this season. General Manager Johan Lundskog wanted to officially squash the rumors stating that Brandon will be returning in and  increased roll as a 2nd year player.

Several players will be moving down Highway 89 to Shelburne after today. Matej Bazant, Jakub Vrana, Filip Kutak and Vilem Opatrny have been traded to the Shelburne Red Wings. All four players are from the Czech Republic. These players will have a better opportunity to earn ice time and develop as each of them are ‘95/’96 born.

Also leaving the team is '94 F Dalton Mills. Mills has been sent to the cross town rival Bradford Bulls. Dalton will be in a much better position as a leader and contributing player to the line-up skating with the Bulls.