(Bradford, ON, June 7, 2016)

The Bradford Rattlers have completed a trade to acquire #36 Slava Chegrintcev from the former Alliston Coyotes, now known as the New Tec Civics.

To Rattlers:
F Slava Chegrintcev
To Civics:
D Austin Grawbarger & D Ruslan Zubolanov

The Russian sniper has dominated the GMHL with the Coyotes in the past two seasons.

Chegrintcev was the GMHL's Most Valuable Player last season scoring 136 points including 62 goals. The year prior he posted 96 points in 41 games. Prior to coming to Canada for hockey, Slava played in the Russian MHL.

"Slava will fit in outstanding with the pieces we have coming back," said General Manager Sean Werth, "we are a quick, skilled hockey club and that is the style that Slava thrives in. He gives us strength down the middle of the ice and will replace some of the scoring power we lost with Fullum this season. This trade has been in the works for months now, we are pleased to see it finally happen." Werth continued thank Austin and Ruslan for their service with the Rattlers.

Slava is sitting 11th on the GMHL All-Time Points scoring board with 232 career.