Seven Rattlers Named To All-Star Game
(Bradford, ON; January 05, 2012)
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Tuesday, January 10
Gravenhurst Centennial Arena
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Team North America vs. Team World


Team World (White) Team N. America (Dark)
Team Name   Team Name  
Rattlers Johan Lundskog   Titans Nathan Hewitt  
Bobcats Ryan Leonard   Lumberjacks Lui Ricci  
Red Wings Nikita Samoylov F Americans Brian Adams F
Lumberjacks Illes Gallo F Moose Dustin Cordeiro F
Lumberjacks Maciej Rompowski F Titans Andre Leclair F
Lumberjacks Atte Koopikka F Titans R. Mendelsohn F
Lumberjacks David Amnas F Titans Taylor Abbott F
Shield Stanislav Nikonov F Titans DJ Tahbazian F
Bobcats Sergey Romanov F Storm John Sweet F
Bobcats Lukas Potocek F Storm Brett Maracle F
Bobcats Nik Humar F Voyageurs Michel Dumont F
Rattlers Connor Smith F Shield Dylan Sontag F
Rattlers Travis White F Shield Donny Danroth F
Rattlers Myles Neuneker F Lumberjacks Joel Senecal F
Americans Trent Edwards D Storm Todd Munden D
Rattlers Nicolas Thomen D Voyageurs Addison Robidas D
Rattlers Anton Yngwe D Shield Adam McBeth D
Bucks Ethan Strong D Avalanche Keevan French D
Bobcats S. Andersson D Avalanche Erik Mills D
Moose Roberto De Biasi D Titans Cody Labrecque D
Wave Mike Gambacorta D Titans Chris Levesque D
Wave Alex Polischuck D Voyageurs NickMacMillan D
Red Wings Anton Todykov G Americans Mark Andrews G
Bobcats Pavol Borko G Rattlers Rob Sutherland G
Voyageurs Adrien Hervillard G Bucks Andrew Selbie G

Selection Procedure:

Players will be selected by allotting each team a specific number All Star picks based on the teams average number of points per game played.  The total number of points earned by a team by January 1, 2012 will be multiplied by 42 games.  The result will be divided by the total number of games played by the cut off date.  This calculation will be used to align the teams into 1st through 13th place.  Those standings will be used to determine how many All Star picks each team will receive.

1st and 2nd place teams get 6 picks each
3rd and 4th place teams get 5 picks each
5th and 6th place teams get 4 picks each
7th and 8th place teams get 3 picks each
9, 10, 11, 12 & 13th place teams get 2 picks each


2-4pm • Player's Pre-game Meal
5-6pm • Skills Competition
6:30pm • Warm Up
7:00pm • All Star Game