(Bradford, ON; Aug. 1, 2014)

The Bradford Bulls and Bradford Rattlers are now accepting host family applications for the upcoming season. These are special families whom open their doors to young men, aged 15-21, playing on the hockey teams; providing them with a safe living environment for their durations with the team. For many of our players, this will be the first time they left home. The teams make it a priority to find the best possible homes in the surrounding area for our players to have success on and off the ice. 

Your role with the team:
The player must adhere to all team rules and to the house rules of the billet family. He must respect all family members. To cover food expenses; each player must pay the billet family $500/month to be paid on the first day of the month. You may house more than one player.

The responsibilities:
The host family is asked to provide the player with a room of his own. In addition, the billet family needs to provide the player with 3 meals a day. If the player is not home for the evening meal then the billet family is asked to grant him access to the kitchen to prepare a meal for himself. 

How to apply:
These families must first apply to our team billet coordinator. If their application meets a team standard, the family then goes through several interview stages. Only after this process does a family have the chance to billet players. Our interview process for selecting these families ensures our players will be in a safe and secure home environment. 

For those families interested in becoming a billet family, please contact:
Tanya Smoke at 905.775.0062


April, 2016

I took a chance August 2015 when I first contacted you regarding billeting a Bradford Rattlers hockey player for the 2015-2016 season. After giving it some thought and despite some reservations, my husband and I decided to go forward. Our decision was made on: we had room in our home, we believed it would provide a unique opportunity for our children (starting JK and Grade 3 at the time) and we valued the importance of giving back to our community.

Our family has fond memories of the past season with the player we hosted; following the league statistics and standings and travelling to local arenas to watch him play. Over the last several months, he watched our son play basketball, viewed movies with the family and participated in many other household events. As he was unable to travel home during the holidays, he joined us on a road trip to Ottawa to spend time with our extended family and see a NHL game.

Our children learned first-hand about another culture and have gained a big brother in the player we hosted last year. We are hopeful he will be returning next season. Regardless, our memories and newfound relationship will last a lifetime. We are thankful for our experience and would encourage others to billet, if they are interested, willing and able. It was a chance taken we don't regret.